Temporary……….Forever - Ensure the commitment of your tattoo is right for you
Inkstant tattisfaction

Take your permanent tattoo for a temporary test drive

As well as our wide range of pre-designed tattoos, we can replicate your custom tattoo ideas; whether this be for everyday use, a party or occasion, a corporate event, advertising, drama/film production or even just because.

In addition to this, as tattoo lovers ourselves, we understand the commitment and sentiment behind the decision to get yourself “inked up”, and YES we have experienced and suffer with tattoo regret ourselves. To help minimise/eliminate this we will work with tattooists to offer the ability to trial your tattoo before the tattoo gun breaks skin.

Custom temporary tattoos

Turning vision into reality

By offering the chance to experience your tattoo before commitment you can ensure the elements, placement and colours are what you envisioned; this then gives you the opportunity to make any adjustments before going ahead and turning your vision into reality.