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Orders & product information:

Where is my order?

Are you staring at the letterbox? Avidly watching for the little red van? Don’t worry we all get excited when new things are coming. Your new temporary tattoo’s and apparel are made to order, not just picked off a shelf and most orders will be dispatched within 1-2 working days; the rest is down to the postman/delivery service and that is out of our control unfortunately.

What if I don't see a design I like? Will you design something for me?

Yes, of course, we have many design options available and we are more than happy to put together a custom design for you, simply contact us through our custom design page and we can get the wheels turning on your tattoo journey.
You can also send us your own design which we will turn into a tattoo for you, please just take note of the artwork guidelines below.

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What is the largest size tattoo I can have?

While we are limited to reproducing images to a maximum size of A4 (29.7x21cm) it is possible to panel these images to create a larger tattoo, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

How long will my tattoo last

Inkstant tattoos will last between 1-5 days, this depends on the skin surface (before placement), skin location, clothing contact etc; in some cases tattoos may last longer.

How safe are they?

Very safe. Depending on the production process they are FDA or EN71 EC approved, the only thing that touches your skin is a medical grade adhesive. However, Inkstant Tattoo’s are not recommended for those with sensitive skin or under 3’s. If you react in any way simply remove your tattoo with alcohol based remover or baby oil, customers take responsibility for product use. Do not place Inkstant tattoos near the eyes or mouth.

My tattoo looks shiny and wrinkly, what can I do?

Wipe away the release gel residue as soon as you have applied the tattoo, this will also prevent it becoming dirty later. Once fully dry you can apply a cosmetic finishing powder or setting spray to remove excess shine. We also suggest avoiding joints where the skin will stretch and move. When dry your Inkstant tattoo will look like a real tattoo and blends perfectly with your skin..

My tattoo looks dirty, what can I do?

As you’re essentially wearing fresh glue on your skin, temporary tattoos can sometimes pick up dust from your surroundings or fluff from your clothing simply Wash it with soap. Carefully trim as much of the background away as possible before you apply your Inkstant Tattoo. Avoid contact with anything for the first few hours, dry thoroughly after applying to prevent damage to the Inkstant Tattoo whilst it dries completely, and if you need to, just wash them.

How do I remove them?

Your Inkstant Tattoo can easily be removed with alcohol based remover or baby oil. Simply apply some to the area where your Inkstant Tattoo is and allow to penetrate into the tattoo, after a short while they simply rub off.

What’s so different about these Tattoo’s?

Our Tattoo’s are printed using different methods and papers compared to the traditional bubblegum tattoo’s, using this process and using white ink lets us create realistic and colourful temporary tattoos. These are also completely waterproof so you can still hop in the shower with them, just avoid aggressively drying the area and using any oil based moisturiser on the area.


Inkstant Tattoo’s meet all EU, US and international regulatory requirements and are safe for all to use, we do not recommend usage on children under the age of 3 and highly discourage application to areas with broken or inflamed skin. Customers hold responsibility for following the instructions provided and the correct application of the tattoo.

Paper: Pulp/Cellulose 67 - 75%, water 3-5%, CaCO2 & Clay 3-5%, Starch 3-5%, Dextrin 3-5%, Acrylic polymer 3-5%, other 3-5%.
Ink: Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium Hydroxide, bis(3.5-di-tert-butysalicylate-01,02), Zinc, Parafin.

Things you should know


Copyrighted material will only be printed with proof of the relevant approval of permissions/licences to do so.


Please note that the product images may, from time to time, be slightly different, but will represent the actual product. Depending on the type of screen or monitor, the colour and shades of the images may appear different. You will only receive the Tattoo or the apparel, you will not receive any of the decorative items in the image, these are for display purposes only.

Artwork Guidelines For Custom Designs

All fonts and type within the design to be converted to outlines.
Embed any images within the artwork.
Files to be created in CMYK only. RGB format is designed for monitor display and may encounter colour matching issues when sent to print.
Minimum of 300DPI for any images.
Scale image artwork to no less than 50% of actual size before submission.
Accepted file formats: EPS // AI // PDF // SVG.
Transparent background required.


I need to make a return

We will happily refund any new and unused Tattoo’s or apparel within 14 days of you receiving them, providing these items are returned unopened (for tattoos) and in the original packaging for apparel; your original shipping costs will not be refunded nor will return shipping be covered.

However if you order a custom tattoo or apparel our returns policy does not apply to these, these are custom made items, not stock items so therefore cannot be resold or put back into circulation, the only instance these orders will be refunded is if there is proven fault with the order.

Faulty products

Sometimes things happen to orders in transit and this is beyond our control if this happens to your order please reach out to us we will work with you to help rectify any problems.

Follow the instructions in the “How Do I make a Return” section below, and send us a photo of the products that aren't quite right.

How Do I Make A Return?

It’s super easy! Send us an email at hello@inkstant.co.uk, give us a call or let us know using the message us button on the website. 

Don’t forget to include:

Your name and address.
Your order number.
The products and quantity you’d like to return.
The reason why you’re hoping to return it.

Once we have received this information one of our team will take a look at your order and be in contact with you to share the next steps.


Can I be a guest artist and create designs for you?

Yes you can, we love working with creative people and would love to share our platform with like minded creatives. Simply get in touch with us via email, telephone or use the message us now button, tell us about you and your style of art, share some samples or your social media, and we can help start your journey into being one of the Inkstant Family. You don’t have to be a tattooist to join us, we welcome creatives from all backgrounds.

Can I sell them in my shop or get lots of my own design?

Yes of course you can. For large or wholesale orders contact us via email, telephone or through the message us now button and we will be in touch to send you wholesale information and criteria.